In this post, you’ll learn how to set up your staff within BookOm’s dashboard. 

You've Just Got Your BookOm. Congrats! You Should Be Excited Because By The Time You Get To The End Of This Post You'll Have Added All Your Staff, And Be One Step Closer To Taking Bookings On Your Website.

Set Up Staff In BookOm

The 7 Steps To Add A Staff Member To Your BookOm

If you have BookOm Solo, you can add one staff (yourself). If you have BookOm Staff, you can add as many staff as you want. With BookOm Staff, you can also add staff from multiple locations to the system (e.g. if you have two yoga studios, and they teach at both of them).  

Below are the steps to add a new staff member to your BookOm dashboard.

Step 1: Click Staff

Add Staff Members To BookOm

Click “Staff” (see screenshot above) on the lefthand side of the dashboard, and click the purple “Add Staff” icon to add a new staff member. 

You’ll see these four tabs in the right-hand window:


Step 2: Details Tab

In the “Details” tab,  you will enter the basic information of your staff.

Add Staff Details BookOm

Add a name, email, phone number, and a profile picture for each member of staff. The profile photo and name of the staff will be seen by customers in the booking form. 

Select the location of the staff member. If a member of staff works at several locations, select all locations here with the multi-select options.

Include a short note about each member of staff (this step is optional). 

Step 3: Weekly Schedule Tab


In the “Weekly Schedule” tab, you can build a special weekly work schedule for each member of your staff.

Add Staff Weekly Schedule BookOm

You can add staff rest days, work hours, and breaks.

You can set up each day of the week, by marking the start and end time of each workday. If the staff member has a day off on that day of the week, note it with the “Add day off” checkbox.

If you want to add a break time, click on the “Add break” button and save the start and end times of the break.

You can add multiple breaks for each day of the week.

If you want to create a custom timetable for each member of staff, enable the “Configure specific timesheet” checkbox.

Step 4: Special Days Tab

In the “Special Days” tab, you can set up a timesheet on special days for you and your staff.

Add Staff Special Days BookOm

 If the staff member can only work on the second half of the day, you can record it here by clicking on the “Add special day” button and adding the date, start/end hours in the opening panel.

You can also click on the “Add break” button for special days and add break times.

To delete a special day, click on the “Remove special day” button.

Step 5: Holidays Tab

In the “Holidays” tab, you can add specific holidays for staff.

Add Staff Holidays BookOm

If a staff member doesn’t work on a specific day, click on that day from the calendar in this tab.

Note: You should be recording the general holidays for your business within “Settings > Holidays” (click “Settings” in the left panel and select “Holidays”). If, however, you want to appoint additional holidays for your staff, add them in this “Holidays” tab. Ideally, you should select the same holidays within Staff and Settings.

Step 6: Click Add Staff Button

After completing all the staff information, save the content by clicking the “Add Staff” button. 

Add Staff Button BookOm

That’s it. You’ve added a staff member. 

Step 7: Making Changes

When clicking “Staff” on the left side of the BookOm panel, you can search staff by name, email, phone number of staff.

Edit Staff BookOm

If you need to edit the information of a staff member, you’ll see an “Options” button by each staff member. Click the “Options” button and then click the “Edit” button. 

You can delete one staff member or multiple members at once.

To delete one staff member, click on the “Options” button that is in front of the staff member, and click the “Delete” button.

To delete multiple staff members,  tick the checkboxes by the staff members you want to delete, and click the “Delete” icon. 

It's time to 

After completing the content within all four tabs, click on the ADD STAFF button (located on the bottom right of each of the four tabs) to add the staff member.

Let out a little whoop of joy, because you’re a step closer to putting the booking form on your website (or share the booking form link in emails, Facebook, etc).

Talking about “staff”, you can think of BookOm as a full-time member of your staff who has taken over most of your admin work. The moment you add the booking form to your website, BookOm goes to work 24/7 booking people onto your services.

But It doesn’t stop there! 

BookOm is obsessed with growing your business.

When someone books onto a service (e.g. your Tuesday morning online Hatha yoga class), BookOm automatically sends them the details of the class, sends a reminder, and deposits the money directly into your Stripe account. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without BookOm by your side.

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