In this post, you’ll learn about BookOm’s Student Management System for Yoga and Pilates teachers

If you get BookOm, you'll not only have an online booking system. You'll also have full access to our Yoga & Pilates Lesson Planner as a Student Management System (if you're a Yoga or Pilates teacher). Securely store and easily manage all your records about your classes and students.

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If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your student management system, use ours. It’ll save you time, reduce stress, and increase your income.

Who would benefit from our student management system?

  • Yoga teachers 
  • Pilates teachers 

As a Yoga or Pilates teacher you’ll want to…

  • Go from keeping your students’ lesson plans on paper to using an online system.
  • Stop worrying about misplacing or losing important student information.
  • Stop keeping everything you need to know about your students in your head.
  • Remember important details about the sessions months or years from now.

Yoga Teacher Example

If you teach yoga classes or give one-to-one sessions, you need to keep track of attendance and payments. BookOm will do that for you. You can also keep track of your students’ medical history, their goals, yoga lesson plans, and notes for each session using our Yoga Lesson Planner (or Pilates Lesson Planner if you’re a Pilates teacher). 


Booking System

You'll get all the benefits of having a full booking system. See our home page for all the features.


You'll get all the benefits of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system).

Student Profiles

You'll be able to organise all the information about your student in one convenient place.

Student Chat

Coming Soon! You'll be able to send email messages to students directly from BookOm.


Coming Soon! You'll be able to keep track of all your email communications with students.

Create Plans

The Student Management System comes with our Yoga & Pilates Lesson Planner.


If you’re a Yoga or Pilates teacher, the Student Management System comes with full access to our Yoga Lesson Planner and Pilates Lesson Planner, which if purchased separately would cost £118 per year.

Email Plans

You can save, copy, download, edit, print, access, & e-mail lesson plans across any device.

Copy Plans

You can copy a lesson plan. This is a huge time-saver if you’re planning a 6-week course.

Drag & Drop

You can create yoga lesson plans effortlessly with our time-saving drag & drop technology.

Bespoke Poses

You can add your own poses, or choose from 3000+ poses within 84 categories

Request Poses

Requesting new poses is easy. Within 24 hours the pose will be added to the planner.

3000+ Poses

You can add your own poses, or choose from 3000+ poses within 84 categories

PDF Downloads

You can download lesson plans as PDFs. Or take your device to class and view online.

One Click Plans

You can use our advanced algorithm to instantly create a lesson plans.

Create Courses

You can quickly and easily organise your lesson plans into courses.

Session Notes

You'll be able to keep track of notes you've made for each session within the lesson plan.

Edit Poses

You can edit every one of the 3000+ poses within the Yoga & Pilates Lesson Planner.

10,000+ Plans

Access to a community of yoga teachers who have shared 10K+ yoga & pilates lesson plans.

Short Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a short version lesson plan, ideal for class.

Long Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a long version lesson plan which is a great teaching aid.

Stream Plans

Each plan comes with a video stream which is ideal to give to students for home practice.

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