In this post, you’ll learn over 501 ways to make money as a yoga teacher. 

Covid 19 has hit Yoga teachers hard. If you need ideas for adding new services, here's my list of 501 yoga services. Hope you find it helpful.

501 yoga services ideas for teachers

My Strange Yoga Services Detecting Hobby

collecting yoga services ideasI have a confession.

A strange hobby of mind is detecting and collecting “yoga services” that my fellow yoga teachers provide. 

I know. I’m weird. But I can’t help myself. 

Every time I stumble across a yoga teacher’s website and discover a new “yoga service”, I feel the same joy a metal detectorist must feel when finding a glistening gold coin. 

To my mind, there’s no point in reinventing the “yoga services” wheel when thousands of amazing yoga teachers around the world have already tested and proven their yoga services in the real world. They’ve essentially handed the “gold coins” to us on a silver platter. 

The services you provide for your yoga teacher business are absolutely crucial for your financial sustainability. Get your services wrong, and you probably won’t be teaching for more than three years after you gain your teaching certificate (most yoga teachers quit teaching after three years!).  

You can kinda view this blog post as a yoga teacher business plan for coming up with profitable yoga services. Get inspired by the services of your fellow yoga teachers, and make add the services you like to your BookOm services now.

Don’t wait!

If you don’t add a new service to BookOm you aren’t getting bookings, and if you aren’t getting bookings, you aren’t making money, and If you aren’t making money, you won’t be teaching for long.

If you ask a business consultant this question:

“What is the most important thing for my business?”

All the good ones will immediately say: 


Nothing is more important for your yoga business than consistent cashflow. No cashflow means death for your business. 

The good news is that Yoga teachers can have a near limitless amount of services. 

As soon as you get a strong gut feeling for a new yoga service, act on that feeling by immediately adding it to your services within BookOm, so you can get can bookings and take payments immediately.

157 Yoga Classes You Could Teach

101 Yoga Class Ideas For Yoga Teachers

Yoga classes come in all flavours. You don’t have to only teach traditional yoga classes (e.g. Hatha for beginners).  If you’d like to access 10,000+ pre-filled yoga lesson plans or create your own ones quickly and easily, you might like my Yoga Genie Lesson Planner

You can also use these class names if you’re doing online Zoom classes, or recorded YouTube classes. 

Yoga Class Names

  1. 30-minute power yoga class 
  2. 45 minute everyday vinyasa flow class
  3. 45-minute full body yoga  
  4. 45-minute Hatha yoga class 
  5. 60-minute vinyasa yoga class 
  6. Aerobic yoga to energize
  7. Ashtanga yoga class in [name of your location] 
  8. Ashtanga yoga class with [your name]
  9. Awaken your soul yoga class 
  10. Beginners yoga class
  11. Body mind and soul yoga class
  12. Chair yoga class
  13. Chair yoga for seniors class
  14. Flourish [name of your county] yoga class
  15. Flow yoga class
  16. Gentle flow yoga class
  17. Gentle morning flow class
  18. Gentle yoga class
  19. Get strong yoga class
  20. Go with the flow yoga class 
  21. Hatha yoga class
  22. Iyengar [Your Location] online yoga class
  23. Morning yoga class 
  24. Name Of Your County Iyengar yoga class
  25. Nothing but core yoga class 
  26. Online daily vinyasa class
  27. Positive pregnancy yoga class
  28. Postnatal yoga class for you and your baby
  29. Power yoga class
  30. Pregnancy yoga and birth preparation class
  31. Seniors yoga class
  32. Slow flow yoga class
  33. Sunrise yoga class 
  34. Sunrise to sunset yoga class
  35. Traditional Hatha yoga class
  36. Zoom yoga class 
  37. Yin yoga class
  38. Yin yoga with [your name] class 
  39. Yoga for all class
  40. Vinyasa flow yoga class
  41. Vinyasa flow nurture class 
  42. Yin yang yoga class
  43. Yoga body workout class
  44. Yoga for beginners class
  45. Yoga for complete beginners class
  46. Yoga for life class
  47. Yoga for mental health class
  48. Yoga for mindfulness class
  49. Yoga Mid Wales class
  50. Yoga movement for health and meditation class 
  51. Yoga South Wales class
  52. Yoga spirit class 
  53. Yoga stillness for peace class 
  54. Yoga West Wales class
  55. Your name yoga class 
  56. Your name yoga online class

For 101 more yoga class ideas, you might like this post I wrote in 2016 called 101 Tantalising Title Templates To Help Unleash Your Yoga Lesson Plan Theme.

122 Yoga Retreats You Could Host

101 yoga retreat ideas for yoga teachers

During Covid-19 lockdown, hosting Yoga retreats isn’t an option, but people will be falling over themselves to book into Yoga retreats once lockdown ends, and we return to a bit of normalcy. That’s why I’ve added this list of 100+ yoga retreat ideas for you. You can add a retreat to your BookOm services with a date far into the future (e.g. one year). You can start booking people into your retreat a year in advance and only ask for a small deposit (e.g. £50).  

My hope is that this list gives you inspiration and courage knowing that these niche yoga retreats have proven to be successful. Each retreat in this list is hosted by a yoga teacher! 

I think you’ll be amazed at how many niches there are for you to tap into.

The best part is that most of the time you can simply piggyback onto another business.

Here’s a quick “piggyback” example…

If you like football, you may choose the “Bend it like Beckham Yoga Retreat” (for football players).  All you’d need to do is contact local football clubs to let them know about your Bend it like Beckham Yoga Retreat.  Within no time you’ll come across a football club that thinks your retreat sounds perfect for their players. The football club will then supply the venue for free (their football club) and the paying students (their football players).

Allow your imagination to soar when picking yoga retreats to add to your BookOm services. 

If you’re an action taker, follow the steps below…

Step 1
Look through the 100+ themes. 

Step 2
Pick one or more, or come up with my own idea for a yoga retreat. 

Step 3
Write the name of the yoga retreats you choose in large BOLD LETTERS in your Notepad. 

Step 4
Add the yoga retreats as services within BookOm, so that you can take early-bird bookings. 

Yoga Retreat Themes

  1. 10 days revitalizing yoga retreats
  2. 10-day yoga retreats
  3. Alpine yoga adventure retreats
  4. An introduction to yoga retreats
  5. Ancient healing ways yoga retreats
  6. Asana, Mudhra, Bandha, and meditation retreats
  7. Ashtanga yoga retreats
  8. Be well yoga retreats
  9. Beach and yoga retreats
  10. Beachside yoga retreats
  11. Become a Reiki healer on a Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, and Holistic Spa therapy retreat
  12. Beginners yoga retreats
  13. Bend it like Beckham (yoga retreats for football players)
  14. Bikram yoga retreats
  15. Blue beach yoga retreats
  16. Buddhist meditation yoga retreats
  17. Build an eco-house yoga retreats
  18. Cleanse, Energize and Rejuvenate yoga retreats
  19. Connect and replenish wilderness yoga and kayaking retreats
  20. Cooking and yoga retreats
  21. Corporate yoga retreats
  22. Depression & Burnout summer yoga retreats
  23. Detox and weight-loss yoga retreats
  24. Detox your body yoga retreats
  25. Developing a personal yoga practice retreats
  26. Discover the silence within retreats
  27. Easter yoga retreats
  28. Eco skills and yoga retreats
  29. Eight steps to happiness yoga retreats
  30. End of summer yoga beach retreats
  31. Energy yoga retreats
  32. Energy for life yoga retreats
  33. Find clarity yoga retreats
  34. Gardening and yoga retreats
  35. Golfing yoga retreats
  36. Golf hypnosis yoga retreats
  37. Hatha yoga retreats
  38. Healthy living yoga retreats
  39. Holistic bodywork yoga retreats
  40. Horse riding and yoga retreats
  41. Indian summer beach yoga retreats
  42. Inner light yoga retreats
  43. Inner quest yoga retreats
  44. Juice Fasting, Yoga, and Detoxification retreats
  45. Kundalini yoga retreats
  46. Learn to meditate yoga retreats
  47. Life-coaching yoga retreats
  48. Luxury yoga and meditation retreats
  49. Luxury yoga and spa retreats
  50. Moving into stillness yoga retreats
  51. Nourish and nurture your body and soul retreats
  52. Personal alchemy yoga retreats
  53. Power yoga retreats
  54. Power yoga total body retreats
  55. Quest for balance yoga retreats
  56. Radiance yoga retreats
  57. Reawakening Souls retreats
  58. Red sea paradise yoga retreats
  59. Reflective spiritual focus yoga retreats
  60. Restorative yoga retreats
  61. Rock climbing and yoga retreats
  62. Scuba diving and yoga retreats
  63. Snow yoga retreats
  64. Swim with dolphins and yoga retreats
  65. Subliminal power and yoga retreats
  66. Summer solstice yoga retreats
  67. Sustainability yoga retreats
  68. Sun-kissed yoga adventure retreats
  69. Surf yoga retreats
  70. The £99 yoga retreat
  71. The path of liberation yoga retreats
  72. The peaceful warrior yoga retreats
  73. The rainbow within yoga retreats
  74. Veggi yoga retreats
  75. Way of the chakras yoga retreats
  76. Wellbeing Yoga retreats
  77. Wellness and yoga retreats
  78. Windsurfing yoga retreats
  79. Yoga and meditation retreats
  80. Yoga and mediation in the rain forest
  81. Yoga and photography retreats
  82. Yoga and climbing retreats in the French Alps
  83. Yoga and sea kayaking retreats
  84. Yoga and Spanish course retreats
  85. Yoga by the beach retreats
  86. Yoga cleanse and pamper retreats
  87. Yoga cruise retreats
  88. Yoga for beginners
  89. Yoga for golfers
  90. Yoga for life retreats
  91. Yoga for real-life retreats
  92. Yoga for stress release retreats
  93. Yoga for you retreats
  94. Yoga Nidra retreats
  95. Yoga on the farm retreats
  96. Yoga on the water retreats
  97. Yoga walking and holistic retreats
  98. Yoga retreats in Africa
  99. Yoga retreats in the Austrian mountains
  100. Yoga retreats in the Caribbean
  101. Yoga retreats in Costa Rica
  102. Yoga retreats in Crete
  103. Yoga retreats in Devon
  104. Yoga retreats in Egypt
  105. Yoga retreats in France
  106. Yoga retreats in the French Pyrenees
  107. Yoga retreats in Goa
  108. Yoga retreats in the Himalayas
  109. Yoga retreats in India
  110. Yoga retreats in Morocco
  111. Yoga retreats in Norway
  112. Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka
  113. Yoga retreats in Spain
  114. Yoga retreats in Sweden
  115.  Yoga retreats in Thailand
  116. Yoga retreats in Turkey
  117. Yoga retreats in Tuscany
  118. Yoga retreats in Wales
  119. Yoga retreat with YOUR NAME HERE
  120. Yoga Safari retreats
  121. Urban yoga retreats
  122. Zest for life yoga retreats

If you like my list of Yoga retreats, you might also like my Yoga Retreat Kit – it has all the tips, tools, and templates you need to host a profitable yoga retreat. 

It's time to 

Let out a little whoop of joy, because if you’ve spent time coming up with new services for your yoga teacher business, and added them to your BookOm, it means you are an action-taker and fully understand the importance of adding new services to your portfolio of services.

By adding new services to your BookOm, you’re ready to put the booking form on your website (or share the booking form link in emails, Facebook, etc).

You can think of BookOm as a full-time employee of yours who has taken over most of your admin work. The moment you add the booking form to your website, BookOm goes to work 24/7 booking people onto your services.

But It doesn’t stop there! 

BookOm is obsessed with growing your business.

When someone books onto a service (e.g. your Tuesday morning online Hatha yoga class), BookOm automatically sends them the details of the class, sends a reminder, and deposits the money directly into your Stripe account. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without BookOm by your side.

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