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About BookOm

BookOm is the brainchild of BWY Yoga teacher GeorgeWatts, and creator of the Yoga & Pilates Genie Lesson Planner.

I created BookOm for myself, to begin with. I felt that all the online booking systems were expensive. It took several months of blood, toil, tears, and sweat to morph into reality, but it was worth it. BookOm is a world-class booking system that is affordable and easy to use. 

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Without an online booking system, you are asking a potential student to call or send an email. That’s a hassle in their already busy lives. They want to come to your yoga class to reduce their stress. By the time you return their call or reply to the email, the student might have contacted another yoga teacher, or worse, have lost their motivation in starting a class.
George Watts
BookOm Founder

Why Join Our Tribe?

Class Booking Automation
Let BookOm fully automate your class bookings, which is the most crucial part of growing your business. Free up your time by letting BookOm fill up your classes.
Receive Payments Immediately
Let your students pay for classes online prior to class. Remain in total control over all orders and payments. Immediately receive the money in your Stripe or Paypal account.
Be Organised And Professional
All of your student information in one place to make your business life a little bit easier. BookOm will instantly systemize and securely store all your student data.
Livestream Classes
Open up a new income stream by adding LiveStream yoga classes to your schedule (e.g. using Zoom). BookOm has Zoom integration.
Confirmation & Reminder Emails
Your students will receive a confirmation email after purchase, and a reminder before the class. You set when this reminder is sent.
Easy Website Integration
It couldn’t be easier to integrate the booking form/class schedule into your website or Facebook page. One click and it’s done.

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