In this post, you’ll learn how to search through your payments within BookOm’s dashboard. 

By The Time You Get To The End Of This Post You'll Know How To Search Through All Your Customer Payments Within BookOm

Search Your Payments In BookOm

How to Search Your Payments Within BookOm

Within the “Payment” section of BookOm, you will see a full list of payments that have been made to you. With convenient filters and searching, you can find any payment quickly and easily.

Step 1: Click Payments

Search Your Payments In BookOm


Click “Payments” on the left side of the BookOm dashboard.

Step 2: Payments Overview

Payment Info BookOm

If a customer completes a payment with PayPal or Stripe when booking online, the payment status will be green (there’s nothing for you to do). 

If, however, a customer selects “local payment” when booking online, the payment status will be “Pending”.  After you receive payment from the customer, find that customer on the Payments list, open the payment information by clicking the “Info Icon”. Clicking on the “Edit” button and click the “Complete Payment” button (see screenshot below). 

payments local BookOm

If you have only received a deposit from the customer, within Payment Status select “paid (deposit)” from the dropdown (see screenshot below), add the amount they’ve paid in the Paid Amount box, and click the “Save” button. 

Payments local deposit BookOm

It's time to 

Let out a little whoop of joy, because you’re a step closer to putting the booking form on your website (or share the booking form link in emails, Facebook, etc).

You can think of BookOm as a full-time member of your staff who has taken over most of your admin work. The moment you add the booking form to your website, BookOm goes to work 24/7 booking people onto your services.

But It doesn’t stop there! 

BookOm is obsessed with growing your business.

When someone books onto a service (e.g. your Tuesday morning online Hatha yoga class), BookOm automatically sends them the details of the class, sends a reminder, and deposits the money directly into your Stripe account. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without BookOm by your side.

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