In this post, you’ll learn how to add coupons in BookOm.

By The Time You Get To The End Of This Post You'll Know How To Add Coupons For Your Services Within BookOm

Add Coupons In BookOm

Within the “Coupons” section of BookOm, you will able to create coupons, and provide them to customers on your website, on FaceBook, by email, or anywhere you like. 

Step 1: Click Coupons

Add Coupons In BookOm

Click “Coupons” on the left side of the BookOm dashboard.

Step 2: Create The Coupon

Add Coupons In BookOmCode: You add a random code for a coupon. If you give this code to your customers, they can use this code to activate a coupon. Make sure that the code you entered does not have another coupon.

Discount: You can make two types of discounts on a coupon. You can add a percentage of the price or set a specific price. For example, you could give a 20% or £25 discount to customers that use a coupon.

Applies date from: If you want the coupon to be active from a specific date, click that date in this section. Otherwise, keep it empty. Before the date you select, customers will not be able to use this coupon. For example, you could set up the coupon to be active from December 25th.

Applies date to: If you want the coupon to be active only on certain dates, click that date here. Otherwise, keep it empty. After this date finished, customers will not be able to use the coupon. For example, you could set up the coupon to be valid only on January 1st.

Usage limit: If you want to limit your coupon use, enter it here. Otherwise, keep it empty. For example, you could set up the coupon so that only 20 customers can benefit from it. This gives a sense of urgency.

Once per customer: If you only want the coupon to work once per customer,  activate this checkbox.

Services filter: If you want this coupon to be specific for a service, add your service filter here. Otherwise, keep it empty and the coupon will be available for all your services.

Staff filter: If you want your coupon to be identifiable for certain staff, then you can choose the staff here. Otherwise, keep it empty and let the coupon be usable for all your staff.

Save your changes by clicking the “Add Coupon” button on the bottom right.

Step 3: Search Your Coupon

Search Coupons In BookOm

You can quickly and easily find your coupons using the filter.  From the coupon dashboard, you can see all your coupons, with their codes, discount, usage limit, and times used. 

If you need to delete or edit a coupon, click on the three dots icon to the right of the coupon.  

It's time to 

Let out a little whoop of joy, because you’re a step closer to putting the booking form on your website (or share the booking form link in emails, Facebook, etc).

You can think of BookOm as a full-time member of your staff who has taken over most of your admin work. The moment you add the booking form to your website, BookOm goes to work 24/7 booking people onto your services.

But It doesn’t stop there! 

BookOm is obsessed with growing your business.

When someone books onto a service (e.g. your Tuesday morning online Hatha yoga class), BookOm automatically sends them the details of the class, sends a reminder, and deposits the money directly into your Stripe account. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without BookOm by your side.

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