Learn how to automatically send confirmation emails to students who book your classes. Discover appointment confirmation email best practices to wow your new customer so they keep coming back for more. 

Confirmation Emails Are Important

Confirmation emails are one of the most important yet most often ignored parts of the new customer process. Yet most small business owners don’t send them.

The BookOm appointment and event booking system automatically sends an email confirming the appointment or event (e.g. if you’re a yoga teacher, an email will be sent to your student confirming their place in your class). 

Appointment Confirmation

Confirmation Email: Peace Of Mind For Your Customer

When a customer books an appointment (e.g. one to one yoga session) or event (e.g. yoga class) on your website using BookOm, they are automatically sent a confirmation email. These confirmation emails are used to confirm the booking and share important details with the customer. The automatic confirmation email that the customer receives saves you time, gives them peace of mind, and makes you look very professional.

Confirmation emails, when done correctly by using BookOm, go directly to the customer’s inbox, not the spam folder. This is all done automatically. You don’t have to do anything. 


Confirmation emails play an important role in determining whether the customer will show up to the appointment or event. When the customer receives the confirmation email, it makes them feel more motivation to show up to class. 

It is also a good idea to include a call to action (CTA) at the end of the class confirmation email, such as: 

“Looking forward to seeing you in class.” 

The automated class confirmation email is the single best way of preventing the dreaded “no shows”. At BookOm we’ve got you covered. We focus on your business, while you do what you do best.  

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